Debt Collection in Australia

Debt Collection in Australia

Updated on Monday 17th September 2018

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Debt-Collection-in-Australia.jpgDebt collection in Australia is a service that encompasses both amicable and legal collections can be handled by following a set of procedures that will first involve proper reminders and negotiations with the debtor.  
Our team of attorneys in Australia specializes in recovering debts and can help you settle any undue payments, both by using non-judicial and judicial methods.

Debt collection stages in Australia

The steps described below are a general description of a debt collection process, with emphasis on amicable recovery for the purpose of maintaining positive business relationships with the debtors.
  1. First notification: this is the first step in collecting debts when the creditor sends the invoice and all of the information needed so that the payment can be made; it can be followed up by a confirmation of invoice receipt.
  2. Reminder: many debtors will need one or more reminders after the invoice has been issued and the creditor can use a friendly reminder by e-mail or telephone.
  3. Late payment inquiry: after the due date has passed, the creditor can inquire about the motives for the late payment; if this is an unusual situation with a long-standing client, this is a good time to solve the issue and perhaps work through a payment plan.
  4. Final notification: if no special situation is in place and the client continues to postpone the payment even after repeated reminders, then the creditor can send a final notice informing that legal action will be commenced.
  5. Judicial recovery: our team can help you commence the litigation phase when all the previous attempt to collect the debt have failed.
Our lawyers in Australia are here to support you in collecting undue payments, from the first reminder letters to the commencement of the formal litigation proceedings.

Choosing the debt collection method

As a general rule, it is recommended whenever possible to resort to amicable debt recovery. This is a preferred method because it does not involve the extra costs associated with the legal proceedings in court. Our team of Australian lawyers can provide counseling according to your particular case. When an amicable collection is not possible, we will help you take legal action against the debtor.
Contact our law firm in Australia for complete details about legal debt collection and the services we provide to companies.